Friday, 19 August 2011

Fantasy Bites

Again, I've been a bit inactive recently. Blame it on the tentatively named "Supernature". Which is what today's blog is about! SUCH FUN! But for all of those who hate Supernature, I'll be treating you to TWO blogs tomorrow. My normal Miracle Day review and a special blog where I'll be solving world hunger.

But writing Supernature has made me slightly depressed, why not. I've been writing from the perspective of Alice for most of the week. Alice Chase is the naive, serious girl who's curiosity got the better of her. The promise of a new job in the bustling heart of Eden draws Alice to Elena, and is the first person on board when everyone realizes that Elena has tricked them into venturing through the... ahem, "Dangerous" Other Realm. For whatever reason, she even romanticizes the idea of being on the run at first, considering it to be exciting and brilliant.

As she fall's deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, Alice is forced to face the crushing reality of what people are willing to do when they're frightened for their life. This culminates in her doing something very nasty to an innocent person whose fear and humanity got the better of him. Admittedly, he WAS threatening to kill her and appeared to have killed someone else when she did it... but still.

The depressing thing about her storyline is having to write this chirpy, funny and innocent character, and then to show her gradual transformation into a somewhat jaded tragic heroine. Luckily I always have Nathan's narrations to comfort me, whose character arc is pretty much the exact opposite. That said, after feeling so strongly about Alice's downfall into cynicism to actually BLOG about it... I think I'll keep some of her chirpy fun-ness wherever I can. Of course, there's always Elena's narrations to fall back on as well. They're always fun to right because of the sheer bitchiness.

It's interesting to see how this writing stuff has influenced my personal life. I went into Starbucks the other day, STARBUCKS! Chilled with a cup of java while writing some traumatic death scenes. Great times. Plus it gives me something to write about on here, could you imagine this blog without it? It'd be all empty and crap, now it's less empty and crap!

Peace out, y'all.

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