Sunday, 7 August 2011

Shut up, Elena

I've been writing my ass off for the past week, quite literally, my new chair isn't the most comfortable. It's pretty attractive though. Tilts back nicely, faux leather, generally quite a nice ride, it's just the seat is a little hard. To rectify I just shove a few cushions there, but even then my butt still starts to ache after a while. Oh well, It'll just make for a sexier, toned butt.

Unfortunately, todays post isn't about the relative merits of my new chair, though there's a thought for the future, it's about Supernature! and how I'm continually annoyed by Elena, one of my main characters.

Elena is, in a sense, the sixth ranger of the group. For those of you who aren't aware of TV Tropes and Idioms, shame on you, but the sixth ranger is basically a late addition to the five man band who may have antagonised them in the past. While that's not strictly true for Elena, she's been trying to help from the beginning, she only becomes an active member of the party until about 1/2 way through. She's also the seventh, but never mind.

But why does she annoy me so much? Because of how I've written her character. She's meant to come off an naieve airhead who goes around vomiting sunshine, in fact thats nearly exactly how Nathan Burgess, one of my other characters, describes her. However, this is merely an act for the purposes of getting people behind her, she's frequently established as incredibly driven and dedicated to her work, motivated with the idea of being the first person to find what Eden are really up to and to go down in history for bring it down. She drags so many people into her little game, and that's what annoys me about her. She comes off as quite sweet and innocent, the kind of person who could send you to your death with a big, sweet smile on her face... I'd like to kick her repeatedly.

But that's exactly what I'm going for. All the other characters, good and evil, are meant to despise her, but stick around as they realize how important she is if they're to succeed. With that in mind, the character of Elena has been a complete success. Excuse me while I go and pull my hair out.

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