Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Late Amelia Pond

A while ago, I put together a Doctor Who story called The Late Amelia Pond. To put it modestly, it was the best idea I've ever had. However, it wasn't until last night that I finally found a way to conclude the plot, because it was pretty damn complicated, involved lots of paradoxes and dealt with damaging time beyond repair. I found that a suitable resolution was sitting right in front of me the entire time, and it would tie perfectly into my story arc!

It all starts on Zaldaea, a rocky, beach-like planet inhabited by crustacean-like aliens. The Doctor and Rory are caught stealing a jade-coloured Obelisk, and threaten away javellin wielding aliens with the 'deadly' sonic screwdriver. Amy dashes in with a bucket filled with dangerous chemicals (really just coloured water), and the trio escape to the TARDIS, where The Doctor triangulates the signal coming from the time harp, a device with some kind of relationship to the Obelisk, to Leonardo Da Vinci's studio.

The TARDIS lands, and Amy is instructed to bring the obelisk, but the doors slam shut before she can leave, and the TARDIS dematerialises, heading who knows where. Anger ensues from Rory, and The Doctor enters guilt/depression mode.

A Volcano, for those who don't know.
From here on out, Amy has brief scenes interspersed with the Renaissance Italy, showing the TARDIS landing briefly in various locales. Apart from a scene in the Paleoarchean Era, where the TARDIS lands in the middle of an erupting volcano, and somehow plays a small role in the oxygen catastrophe, all of the landings are at various important points in the TARDIS's timeline, such as when it's heart was opened by rose in 200,100. Amy's vain attempts to learn more about the Obelisk in the drawing room would be a good point for some comedy material.

Meanwhile, The Doctor explains to Da Vinci the purpose of the Obelisk. The Time Harp has an unfortunate tendency to open rifts to the raw time vortex. The Obelisk is believed to help stabilize it. As Rory storms through the town, furious with The Doctor, he notices wisps of dark indigo smoke flowing from a deserted backstreet. Clouds spiral out of a dark portal, presumably leading to the Time Vortex. Rory leaps to the floor to avoid the stream of clouds. As he starts to get back up, a massive viper-like creature shoots out and loops towards the skies.

Elsewhere, The Doctor has begun to follow the signal he used to track the Time Harp back to The TARDIS, and starts to keep a record. Rory bursts in, telling The Doctor what he saw. The Doctor worries that the Time Harp is already working it's magic, before telling Rory that he's got a lock on Amy, and that the TARDIS is landing at significant points in its own timeline. With Leo Da Vinci's help, they dangerously alter time in order to send Amy messages on how to pilot the TARDIS, as they can now predict where it will land.
This is sorta what I had in mind. Only more purple.
Less modern... a bit less Perfect Chaos...  Nothing like this.

Amy eventually gets the messages, and shakily manages to land back in Italy. She and Rory embrace, lovely stuff. The Doctor moans about having to do everything himself before grabbing the Obelisk and dragging it to the Time Harp.

The Jade Obelisk opens up to reveal a device resembling a music box. The time harp and obelisk play in unison, the surprisingly beautiful music turning the clear blue skies into a dark night filled with purple clouds and crackling lightning. The Chrono Viper slowly descends from the skies, flapping newly grown, draconic looking wings. It screeches and shoots out wisps of dark blue energy from its head. The wisps explode on contact with the ground, leaving only blank white voids behind. Leonardo's studio is engulfed, as well as Leonardo himself. 

Amy realises that the TARDIS was trying to prevent this from happening by taking the pillar as far away from the time harp as possible by doubling back on its own timeline, and asks The Doctor for confirmation on this - though when she see's him repeatedly knocking his head on the TARDIS as he strokes it, she no longer needs to. From the TARDIS's perspective, the furthest place from Leo Da Vinci's studio can be found by going back on its own timeline.

The Chrono Viper appears to set its sights on the TARDIS.

Powerless to stop the hulking beast before them, everyone flees, narrowly escaping the vipers wrath. Cue next story, Vikings of Egypt, where everyone discovers the full extent of the Chrono Vipers damage, and the finale where the mastermind behind the whole scheme is revealed...

Considering I came up with a lot of this last night in the shower, I'd say it's not too shabby. Moffat? You reading this?

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