Saturday, 28 January 2012

Let's Kill The Doctor

There was no way of making Amy look threatening here short of replacing
 her head with a Garbodor...
The other day, I re-watched Lets Kill Hitler. I know.

Anyway, I can't have been the only person who thought the title was a bit of a cop-out by the end of the episode? Hitler was just sort of shoved in the cupboard around 15 minutes into the episode then comically forgot about. It almost seemed like the "Big, slutty title" - as Moffat describes it - was purely an attention grabbing gimmick... and it was. However, it does have rather more meaning than it first appears.

To truly get this, we have to go way back to Day of the Moon. Here, The Doctor effectively orders the genocide of the Silents. Fair enough, they were evil and were manipulating the course of progress but... Well this metaphor has already gone down a dark alley... I was trying to compare this to Hitler ordering the execution of the Jews, but that would suggest that the Jewish actually WERE up to something, which they probably weren't... or were they? Never mind.

Anywho, this may or may not have influenced The Silence's vendetta against The Doctor. I'm not too sure. But the point is that Melody Pond was raised to kill The Doctor, and as we see in the opening 10 minutes of Lets Kill Hitler, she blames him for not preventing disasters such as the sinking of the Titanic and for not stopping Hitler. As far as Mels was concerned, The Doctor was worse than Hitler. After landing in 1930's Berlin, Melody makes no attempt to kill Hitler as she suggests in the opening sequence, despite having a few opportunities to do so. She later claims the only reason she didn't immediately kill The Doctor in 2011 is because she's not rude, and was she really aiming at the TARDIS when she shot it?

It was only after watching the main Series 6 arc that all of this clicked for me. It's no coincidence that most of Lets Kill Hitler was spent watching Melody Pond/River Song killing The Doctor. The Doctor is Hitler. Obviously.


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