Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ice Cream, Gay Marriage and Catholics

After the last one, this post was always going to come as a disappointment, so I've taken the opportunity to talk about something which is really quite simple.

In a very tasty and unusual move, Ben & Jerry's have recently renamed one of their ice creams in support of equal marriage rights for gay people. This is happening at the same time the Government is discussing plans to change the legal definition of marriage to include same-sex couples... or something like that.

As can be expected, mere consultations on marriage laws has sparked outrage from, among other groups, my old friends the Catholic Church. It's been described as "grotesque" and that it would "Shame the kingdom."

The Church really has no place in this argument. They suggest that changes in the legislation goes against Christian teachings. Well here's the inside scoop: Not everyone is Christian. Marriage has changed already to become a secular practice, not everyone who gets married is a Christian or even religious. 

The only change happening here is to legislation to ensure everyone has equal rights. There's nothing stopping anyone from having a "Christian" wedding, with all the sacred vows maintained. No one is forcing anyone in the Church to sideline their beliefs to give gay couples a religious ceremony, but if you're trying to restrict the rights of a group of people with no justification other than "That's how it has always been", then who gives a damn what you think.


  1. To amend slightly a tweet I read recently and reuse it in this context:

    People who want gay marriage stopped because of their religious beliefs are as ridiculous as people who don't want you to eat ice-cream because they are on a diet.

  2. fiery_fairy_3/15/2012 4:27 pm

    I can't believe this is even still being debated. Marriage is about love, commitment and respect between two people, regardless of gender, regardless of culture, regardless of religion. Nicely written too, as usual.

  3. Marriage (Civil Union) is a legal contract that affords certain privileges & establishes responsibilities to those who enter into it. It helps create stable relationships, families & communities. As to how couples choose to publicly express their unions through vows, ceremonies, religious or otherwise is completely up to them and a separate issue from the Legal State of Marriage. No Church/Religion should be allowed to define the Legal Definition of Marriage just as No Government to should define the Religious Definition. If a church doesn't want to marry someone for Any reason, then they shouldn't, that's their business. Legal Marriage isn't Religion's business... It's pretty simple, or it should be.