Tuesday, 15 May 2012

So I got bored in the RE Exam...

Like many people, I took the WJEC Religious Studies paper earlier this ‎afternoon. I thought I did rather well. The test was a lot easier than I expected, and I played the marking game on most of the questions... Except for the one on Same-Sex Marriage, which pissed me off a little. 

I thought the exam itself was really boring. Every section has exactly the same questions, and most of the questions themselves I have seen many times before. Wouldn't surprise me if the entire exam had not been completely recycled. Outside of that, however, was a much larger issue I had with the Exam and (more specifically) the syllabus itself. I had around 15-20 minutes to spare after I had finished, so I turned to the first page and I wrote this:

"I just wanted to mention that I completely disapprove with this syllabus's glaring bias in favour of answers based on the monotheistic religions and the idea of God as described by the three Abrahamic religions. 

Religious Studies is - unsurprisingly - supposed to educate people about religion, not just the positive aspects of Christianity and Islam. As an exam board, you have failed to effectively assess students regarding their knowledge of religion. Go ahead and dock marks for this if you want; any grade from such a shoddy board means absolutely nothing to me."



  1. I both admire and pity you at this point. Yes, fair enough, you had the balls to actually do that, which may gain you marks if you have a nice examiner, but chances are that you won't.

    1. Meh, like I said in the post, I find the grade that I get for RS to be trivial at best.

  2. Ha ha good on you!

    Antony x