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Matt Showruns Doctor Who! #2

I realised that with my Series 7, I made very little progress in terms of larger story arcs. In fact, until writing this, I hadn't put any thought what so ever into how Lenora would play into the overall story, though some last minute changes to The Tower of Alleos has at least introduced the Whispermen and gave a bit of extra depth to the motives and the actual meaning behind The Silence. The other thing is a bit of foreshadowing to The Day of The Doctor: The time-compression technology will be derivative of the devices used to make Time Lord art. Hopefully this series will be a great deal more cohesive and - frankly - have better stories. Though you could totally ignore my previous fan series and get away rather cleanly!

So some things carrying over from my version of Series 7...
- The idealistic, Doctor-worshiping Samuel and the pragmatic but good-natured Katie as companions.
- The Whispermen have no affiliation with the Great Intelligence. No clue what they're about.
- We're starting to see a mixed picture of the Silence, not appearing to totally despise The Doctor.
- The Doctor becoming a more mature, teacher-like figure after the departure of Amy and Rory.

Episode 1 and 2: The Invisible Invaders / Heart of Steel
The Doctor is summoned by Kate Stewart and Dr Kieran Thorne (Nathaniel Parker) at UNIT to investigate a spate of paradoxes: Future technology turning up on South Bank, Ancient Greece merging with Dundee, that kind of thing. The Doctor and UNIT are divided between working out what’s causing the paradoxes and taking care of what’s coming through, allowing plenty of time for the perpetrators to do some quiet creeping around during the first episode!

The Invisible Invaders will be an odd mish-mash of barmy timey-wimey adventuring and suspense building, Heart of Steel will take the story down a very different direction as it emerges that Cybermen are manipulating timelines and establishing Stable Time Loops to ensure they are never defeated. Are they losing a battle? That’s fine, they’ll just pop into the past and do things differently. I’m not sure where to go with this part tonally: It’s a bit too weird to be played as dead-serious scares and danger but… That’s the feeling I would want!

Episode 3: Sight of the Messere 
The Messere are a group of seeresses: They can see possible timelines but - like the Time Lords – have a very strict no interference policy, and in this story we find out why. When a young and na├»ve maiden of the Messere foresees her own death, she takes drastic action to avoid it, unleashing a deadly curse on the citadel. Some elements of the plot are reminiscent of Father’s Day now that I think about it, but will take a much darker turn given the rest of the population knows exactly what’s causing the curse! Should be an interesting episode, as well as quite a budget sink… Alien world and all that.

Episode 4 and 5: The Star Seekers / Ice Time
An Ice Warrior story meets Film Noir in 1930s Chicago, with gangsters, a jewel heist and a cynical old detective (ideal casting: Robert Lindsay). These episodes will also introduce a new companion: Miranda Bennett. A time traveller in her own right, Miranda is a fiercely independent, relentlessly curious and intelligent woman, not entirely dissimilar to Victorian!Clara in The Snowmen. Posing as a showgirl, she will be pursuing her own adventures and investigating the Ice Warriors at the start before meeting The Doctor, at which point she will be drawn into The Doctor’s own confrontation with the aforementioned gangsters who are planning to steal a bejewelled heirloom from a rival family.

Things quickly become more complicated as it becomes clear the heirloom means a great deal to the Ice Warriors, and what I can only describe as an intergalactic gang fight ensues. So… Ice Warriors vs Gangsters: Has to be a tale about honour and loyalty, surely! The Ice Warriors will have a more mystical edge to them in this story: The artifact they're after has a 'magic' power to it, by interacting with forgotten parts of the Ice Warrior armour. Miranda leaves at the end of the story, but will return in The Light Sculptors on a permanent basis.

Episode 6: (suggestions? Something bond-like)
This story will explain The Silence had nothing to do with the TARDIS explosion in a James Bond-esque infiltration of a Silence monastery ship. Guest starring Vastra, Strax and Jenny.

Episode 7 and 8: The Light Sculptors / Life and the Rani
The Doctor takes Katie and Sam to see the Light Sculptures of Aleumadum: some of the greatest pieces of interactive art in the local galaxies, capable of projecting impossible and stunning worlds. But, of course, the illusions are covering up another sinister plot.
The Rani is again carrying out inhumane experiments to further her scientific research, but this time she has a goal greater than intellectual curiosity: She seeks to resurrect the Time Lords. Could The Doctor ignore the brutal experimentation if it means the Time Lords return? Or is that a decision that is taken out of his hands when Katie becomes a target of The Rani? Katie will leave in this story, while Miranda will rejoin as a permanent companion.

Life and the Rani may act as a mid-season finale. I feel like it's strong enough thematically to serve as one. Indeed, the only reason I switched it out of being the actual finale with The Name of The Doctor was because it seemed redundant to have this big moral dilemma when the Time Lords just return in the next story anyway.

Episode 9: Legend of the Daleks
Bresha was the site of one of the Daleks most destructive conquests. But no one seems to remember...

Episode 10: The Angels of Eldervale
No one will care or even notice if a street urchin from the Victorian workhouses goes missing. No one except the man in charge losing his work force. He enlists the help of the great detective Madame Vastra to investigate the mystery, and she has no alternative but to contact The Doctor after being displaced in time by the perpetrators: The Weeping Angels! With so many victims already claimed, the Angels seem unbeatable, and matters are only further complicated when the workhouse owner learns about the Weeping Angels and decides their time travelling potential is a very useful secret to have on his side.

Episode 11 and 12: The Oncoming Storm / The Name Of The Doctor
Almost as in Series 7. The Doctor is lured by the Whispermen to Trenzalore: A place he must never go.

50th Anniversary Special… Screw it, let’s just make it The Day of The Doctor. That wasn’t bad. There are a few things I’d change, though. Like giving the Zygon threat a clearer conclusion. Obviously it would also have to change to accommodate Sam and Miranda as opposed to Clara, also.

X-Mas Special: Silent Night
Endgame. The Doctor returns to Trenzalore before it became the desolate wasteland we saw before. It's actually quite a nice place, if very religious (hint hint). Shame it's being targeted by just about every evil force ever known. The Doctor nobly takes it upon himself to defend the planet as he investigates just why everyone is there, a project which turns into an endless, bitter war (hint hint) raging on Trenzalore's doorstep. 

In other words: The war Madame Kovarian was talking about? That wasn't between The Silence and The Doctor; It was between The Doctor and everyone else, taking place on Trenzalore and the home of The Silence. Everything you thought happened in The Name Of The Doctor: the asking of The Question, The Fall of the Eleventh, NONE of that has happened yet. It’s all still to come in this story. The clock is striking twelve… 

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