Sunday, 24 August 2014

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Series 7: Part 5 - The Paradox of The Doctor

Now we come to the end of this retrospective. It's ended up being a bigger project than I anticipated; it's something I initially conceived as just being the one post... and here we are at Part 5. Having come off the back of the outstanding Day of The Doctor, it was only a month wait until The Time of The Doctor would air. In the time between, anticipation grew, rumours spread, and I basically predicted what was going to happen. Then, on an otherwise lovely Xmas Day, it happened...

The Time of The Doctor - 1/10
"I will always remember when the Doctor was me."

This is my least favourite episode of Doctor Who. Yes, including Fear Her. I genuinely prefer to pretend that it doesn't exist and make up Eleven's swansong entirely from scratch in my head. I have absolutely no qualms giving this story my first and only 1/10.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Series 7(?):Part 4 - The Day of The Doctor

Now we have finished the main body of Series 7, but we're not finished just yet. In addition to a second annual Christmas Special, we also have an additional special celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who to chew into. Alongside The Name of The Doctor, they collectively serve as a swan song for the Eleventh Doctor's tenure and bring a conclusion to the majority of the story arcs which ran through his era, such as The Silence, The Doctor's greatest secret, and the regeneration limit; some handled more successfully than others.

The Day of The Doctor - 9/10
"There's one life I've tried very hard to forget. He was the Doctor who fought in the Time War and that was the day he did it."

I went to see The Day of The Doctor at the cinema in 3D. The hype had been building up for months with the cliffhanger from The Name of The Doctor, the 50 Years trailer, plenty of teasing from Steven Moffat, and indeed the fact it was the 50th anniversary and being shown on the big screen all building to massive expectations. Despite the bar being raised higher than the recently featured Shard, I wasn't disappointed! This was a beautifully crafted episode and a fantastic anniversary celebration.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Series 7: Part 3 - Nightmare in Something

Urgh... The rest of main Series 7 never gets as bad as Hide or Cold War were, but they do represent a drop in quality the rest of the series never fully recovers from.

I've spoken (and will continue to speak!) about "Series 7 Syndrome" - That the episodes in the series suffer from trying to take on too many concepts, characters, and set pieces by failing to develop upon any of them effectively. Well there's another - relatively minor - issue I have with most of the episodes in 7 Part 2 in particular. In Series 5 and especially 6, the Eleventh Doctor often either has some kind of long-term plan (e.g: Day of the Moon, The Doctor's Wife) or is otherwise constantly adapting and playing a long game of Xanatos Speed Chess. In Series 7, we seem to have regressed back to a problem I have with many stories from David Tennant's era, where we mostly seem to be just going through the motions and stumbling on a solution, or in some cases neither The Doctor nor his companions do anything and the situation just seems to tie itself up. It's a minor issue compared to some others, but I find it makes the stories feel less clever and less rewarding to watch. But onto the episodes!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Matt Showruns Doctor Who! #2

I realised that with my Series 7, I made very little progress in terms of larger story arcs. In fact, until writing this, I hadn't put any thought what so ever into how Lenora would play into the overall story, though some last minute changes to The Tower of Alleos has at least introduced the Whispermen and gave a bit of extra depth to the motives and the actual meaning behind The Silence. The other thing is a bit of foreshadowing to The Day of The Doctor: The time-compression technology will be derivative of the devices used to make Time Lord art. Hopefully this series will be a great deal more cohesive and - frankly - have better stories. Though you could totally ignore my previous fan series and get away rather cleanly!

So some things carrying over from my version of Series 7...
- The idealistic, Doctor-worshiping Samuel and the pragmatic but good-natured Katie as companions.
- The Whispermen have no affiliation with the Great Intelligence. No clue what they're about.
- We're starting to see a mixed picture of the Silence, not appearing to totally despise The Doctor.
- The Doctor becoming a more mature, teacher-like figure after the departure of Amy and Rory.