Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Doctor, The Widow and The Review

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"That man is quite ridiculous. You must stay away from him."

I always watch the episode I'm reviewing at least twice when doing these reviews. Just so that I can't complain about a plot detail that was actually explained and I had just glossed over it the first time. It also lets me just enjoy the episode at first, then go back so I have some notes to work from. I haven't watched The Doctor The Widow and The Wardrobe since Christmas Day, apart from to gather some screenshots for this... 'review'. I had no desire to sit through it again.

The episode starts off decent enough. The Doctor is falling out of an exploding spaceship. It's slightly disappointing to see this mini-adventure left so unexplained, but it's something that's not too significant. After falling to Earth whilst having a chat with the stratosphere, The Doctor sortof meets Madge Arwell, the pseudo-companion of the story. It's an interesting meeting, and one which I think captures the essence of Doctor Who through it's ridiculousness, and the characters bemused reactions.

We then get a window into the lives of Madge and her family, including how she met her husband, Reg... The reason they get married is quintessentially British, even if there are a few unfortunate implications. "Follow your crush around for long enough and they'll marry you." Yes! That's a lesson for the kids! While it's around 10 minutes of the episode, the window into the life of the Arwells all felt engaging and necessary for a character driven story... Even if results were less than the sum of the parts.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I'm in love with Murray Gold

This post is already a link overload, but for the most part, this is quite appropriate...

The Doctor Who Series 6 soundtrack was released on Monday, and given the high quality of the soundtrack this year, I was very enthusiastic about buying it as soon as possible. I've never done a review of a soundtrack before, or any CD for that matter, so please bear with me a little if I go a little too deep or focus on the wrong areas.

There are some real gems this year. "Tell Me Who You Are" and "Melody Pond" (though they'll always be A Melody of River to me) are almost haunting, and have had me humming away for the past 6 months since they were first heard in A Good Man Goes to War, and it's great to finally hear them without people talking over it... Selfish is what it is...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

IGNorance I - Kirby: Return To Dream Land

Yes, this is numbered. I expect the stupidity of IGN to become a recurring feature on this blog.
I'm keeping the music per blog thing. I like it. This one's more appropriate: Lava Landing...

I saw this review when it was first uploaded to YouTube a little over a month ago, and I was disgusted at some of the ridiculous comments and points made by Richard George in his review of Kirby: Return To Dream Land. However, given that I hadn't actually played the game, I reserved my judgement. But now I have...

I'm going to start with the score the game received. It got a respectable, but not great, 7.5. Shock! HORROR! Well, no. I'm actually in agreement of the score they gave. Return to Dream Land is not the most amazing game  ever created, though I would consider an 8... Anyway, it's their reasoning behind it that annoys me.

Ah! This is the one fans have been waiting
for. What? It's Kirby, not Mario? I'm sure
It'll be f***ing awful.
One of the points offered by the reviewer is that the games aren't as innovative as more recent entries in the series such as Epic Yarn and Mass Attack, because apparently taking a series back to its roots is only acceptable if the series in question is Mario. Savage hypocrisy aside, I'm struggling to see how this is in any way a valid point. The reviewer himself remarks that the Kirby series has had a downpour of artistic, unique titles in recent years, yet they don't see this as a reason to produce a more traditional platformer that specifically expand on and updates the gameplay that made the series great in the first place. No, a game that would appeal to people who grew up with Kirby, and new players with limited (if any) experience with the old console games is obviously a ridiculous concept, doomed from the start.

Friday, 2 December 2011

That's Gay

Now some of you might not have been paying attention, but if you haven't noticed, I'm gay. While I don't personally take a great deal of offence to people using the word "gay" to describe anything negative, I can understand why many people do. Now I've been meaning to make a post about this for quite some time now, specifically from around the time an English teacher in my school got somebody to apologize for calling someone gay. They chased this person for this. It's taken me quite a while to discern exactly what is not right about this beyond "but that's wrong!"

I don't really find the word gay offensive on a personal level. It doesn't offend me in the same way insults targeted at my skin colour don't really affect me that much. This doesn't make it ok. So many times have I seen people say "I don't mean anything by it, some of my friends are gay and they don't mind." This only implies that these people don't give a crap about what other people really think about them. It certainly shows that they don't care about all the gay people who DO take offence, and that just makes you seem like a borderline homophobe, as well as enthusiastically stupid. To some people, being gay is integral to their entire identity, and using gay to mean bad is an insult is much the same as using someone's religion, race or gender as an insult, and rightfully so.