Saturday, 28 January 2012

Let's Kill The Doctor

There was no way of making Amy look threatening here short of replacing
 her head with a Garbodor...
The other day, I re-watched Lets Kill Hitler. I know.

Anyway, I can't have been the only person who thought the title was a bit of a cop-out by the end of the episode? Hitler was just sort of shoved in the cupboard around 15 minutes into the episode then comically forgot about. It almost seemed like the "Big, slutty title" - as Moffat describes it - was purely an attention grabbing gimmick... and it was. However, it does have rather more meaning than it first appears.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Super Mario 3D - PANNED!

Where are all the views for this post coming from? Please, let me know!

I meant to review this a long time ago, but I didn't have a 3DS... or this game. I still don't have a 3DS but - for some reason - somebody I know does. He bought 3D land around Christmas and, being the top guy he is, let me borrow it for a bit to write this review. In all honesty, I don't understand the near-universal acclaim it's been getting.

I was playing Galaxy 2 earlier, and it's probably one of the best games I've ever played. Each and every level was interesting, different, and fun to play... with the exception of one or two killer missions anyway. Super Mario 3D Land, however, is easily the most uninspired, uncreative Mario game and probably one of the most unoriginal games I've ever played.