Thursday, 5 December 2013

Matt Showruns Doctor Who! #2

I realised that with my Series 7, I made very little progress in terms of larger story arcs. In fact, until writing this, I hadn't put any thought what so ever into how Lenora would play into the overall story, though some last minute changes to The Tower of Alleos has at least introduced the Whispermen and gave a bit of extra depth to the motives and the actual meaning behind The Silence. The other thing is a bit of foreshadowing to The Day of The Doctor: The time-compression technology will be derivative of the devices used to make Time Lord art. Hopefully this series will be a great deal more cohesive and - frankly - have better stories. Though you could totally ignore my previous fan series and get away rather cleanly!

So some things carrying over from my version of Series 7...
- The idealistic, Doctor-worshiping Samuel and the pragmatic but good-natured Katie as companions.
- The Whispermen have no affiliation with the Great Intelligence. No clue what they're about.
- We're starting to see a mixed picture of the Silence, not appearing to totally despise The Doctor.
- The Doctor becoming a more mature, teacher-like figure after the departure of Amy and Rory.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Series 7: Part 2 - The Impossibly Bland Girl

For Part One... Part Three... Part Four.... Part Five...

Like Series 6 before it, Series 7 was split into two parts. Unlike Series 6, however, the two parts of Series 7 feel far more like separate Series than a divided one. 7b introduced us to a new companion, Clara Oswald, along with a now story arc revolving around her and a generally different tone to what 7a had. Part of me thinks that 7a should have just been a series of specials spread out across 2012 to reflect the Pond’s sporadic adventures with The Doctor and 7b being the ‘proper’ Series 7, but that’s a very minor thing.

I’ll continue to talk about the Story Arc in the introduction to Part 3, but for now I’ll say that I don’t think it worked as well as it did in Series 6 because the main method of delivery is just a weekly reminder that Clara is "The impossible girl". There's very little change from episode to episode, and it hinders Clara's personal development as a companion as well as a mystery: the mystery itself is not advanced and that means we can't see more to Clara because she's treated as merely the plot rather than a person. It all falls down to the “Blockbuster of the Week” format which demanded an individual story each week, and that is the main source of Series 7’s problems.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Doctor Who Series 7: Part 1 - A Fall With Grace?

The four of you who care will remember when I published a (ever-changing) list of Doctor Who ratings on this blog. My opinions on Series 7 are rather unfavourable, and they're probably one of my more controversial positions. That's right, worse than my opinion that Religion is evil, and onions are vile. As such, I would like to give a bit of background on the stories of Series 7 and I'd also like to explain what I think of each one in a way that a single number never really could. A 4 out of 10, for example, could mean an episode has a number of strong points that are dragged down, or it could mean the story was just not that good. If there's enough interest in this, I might make similar posts about the other series, but don't count on it.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Matt Showruns Doctor Who!

First thing is that I'd have 10, 1 hour long episodes (or 13 if we're being idealistic) instead of 45 minute ones. For the purpose of the explanation I'll have 13, and I'll assume Series 7 is the starting point, so Asylum onwards never happened. Nothing against Season 7; or Moffat for that matter; I'd just rather work with a Series I actually know the ending of and not have the potential baggage of the Clara Oswald arc!

Amy and Rory DO NOT return (well, they do, but I'll get back to that). The new companions are a man from the not too distant future called Samuel and an alien with the form of a humanoid woman called Katie for short. I'll get into them later.
Farewell Ponds!
The idea I would consider making the main story arc for the series is the companion who never was. The Doctor can't always save everyone from every disaster, we've seen as much in SJA and especially Torchwood. I think that - somewhere in the universe - there was someone The Doctor missed. Someone with great potential who would have been the perfect companion for him. She heard stories of the time he visited before, but he never returned, so all that potential turned to jet black hatred. She thought she had found someone to replace her Doctor, but he died, so her plan is to both ruin The Doctor and to compress time so her knight could return to her. It stemmed from a backstory I thought Kovarian could have, but never really did.

This arc would be the big focus of around four episodes: The first (around episode 5) where she attempts to set Time Compression, but The Doctor doesn't know who she was. The second (episode 9 or 10) she isn't directly involved in, but The Silence attempt something suspiciously similar in a desperate bid to stop The Doctor from revealing his secret at Trenzalore. The two part finale unveils (surprise) that the not-companion has at least partially been a puppet of The Silence, and time is actually devoured... Until the end of the series anyway.