Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Series 7: Part 2 - The Impossibly Bland Girl

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Like Series 6 before it, Series 7 was split into two parts. Unlike Series 6, however, the two parts of Series 7 feel far more like separate Series than a divided one. 7b introduced us to a new companion, Clara Oswald, along with a now story arc revolving around her and a generally different tone to what 7a had. Part of me thinks that 7a should have just been a series of specials spread out across 2012 to reflect the Pond’s sporadic adventures with The Doctor and 7b being the ‘proper’ Series 7, but that’s a very minor thing.

I’ll continue to talk about the Story Arc in the introduction to Part 3, but for now I’ll say that I don’t think it worked as well as it did in Series 6 because the main method of delivery is just a weekly reminder that Clara is "The impossible girl". There's very little change from episode to episode, and it hinders Clara's personal development as a companion as well as a mystery: the mystery itself is not advanced and that means we can't see more to Clara because she's treated as merely the plot rather than a person. It all falls down to the “Blockbuster of the Week” format which demanded an individual story each week, and that is the main source of Series 7’s problems.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Doctor Who Series 7: Part 1 - A Fall With Grace?

The four of you who care will remember when I published a (ever-changing) list of Doctor Who ratings on this blog. My opinions on Series 7 are rather unfavourable, and they're probably one of my more controversial positions. That's right, worse than my opinion that Religion is evil, and onions are vile. As such, I would like to give a bit of background on the stories of Series 7 and I'd also like to explain what I think of each one in a way that a single number never really could. A 4 out of 10, for example, could mean an episode has a number of strong points that are dragged down, or it could mean the story was just not that good. If there's enough interest in this, I might make similar posts about the other series, but don't count on it.