Thursday, 5 December 2013

Matt Showruns Doctor Who! #2

I realised that with my Series 7, I made very little progress in terms of larger story arcs. In fact, until writing this, I hadn't put any thought what so ever into how Lenora would play into the overall story, though some last minute changes to The Tower of Alleos has at least introduced the Whispermen and gave a bit of extra depth to the motives and the actual meaning behind The Silence. The other thing is a bit of foreshadowing to The Day of The Doctor: The time-compression technology will be derivative of the devices used to make Time Lord art. Hopefully this series will be a great deal more cohesive and - frankly - have better stories. Though you could totally ignore my previous fan series and get away rather cleanly!

So some things carrying over from my version of Series 7...
- The idealistic, Doctor-worshiping Samuel and the pragmatic but good-natured Katie as companions.
- The Whispermen have no affiliation with the Great Intelligence. No clue what they're about.
- We're starting to see a mixed picture of the Silence, not appearing to totally despise The Doctor.
- The Doctor becoming a more mature, teacher-like figure after the departure of Amy and Rory.